Advantages in Going for PHP Programming When It Comes to Web Development

Online web marketing and establishing a presence online are now must-do activities for many business owners and professionals. The web is now the latest platform for a number of activities from connecting with friends to online shopping. According to some industry figures, Facebook takes charge when it comes to social media membership. One industry watcher places the site’s membership at 901 million monthly active users (May 2012). This is based on the survey that was done by the International Telecommunication Union. With this number, Facebook can be considered as the largest and most influential social media site in the world. In general, there are more than 1 billion social media users online who are talking, connecting and making status updates on a regular basis. With this figure, it is obvious that Facebook controls 90 percent of social media market. The other two popular social media players, Twitter and LinkedIn are backed by roughly 350 million users.

When it comes to shopping, there’s no denying the impact of the web. In the United States alone, the number of online shopper has been increasing steadily since 2010. According to some industry estimates, there were 172.3 million US consumers who transacted business online. The consumers have checked, browsed or purchased products online (2010). The sales for 2010 attributed to online shopping are valued at $228 billion. The increasing number of online shoppers and the changing dynamics of social media paint a critical picture about the web- the web has changed the way people connect and live. For the enterprising individual this can be an exciting prospect. Just imagine profits and connection can be made on the web! The traditional way of doing business and earning cash is still viable but the trend is online.

Massive Web Development Now Possible Thanks to Popular Scripting Languages

To make this happen, enterprising individuals should establish websites to come up with an online presence to connect and tap into a growing commercial trend. Websites and blogs will serve as the tool of enterprising individuals to take advantage of a growing trend. Some individuals and business owners may find the task overwhelming especially for those without background in coding, programming and web design. But one need not be an expert on programming languages to launch a network of blogs and websites that can be used as hubs to engage potential customers and followers. There are programming languages that work even for those with limited knowledge and skills in coding and programming. There are a number of scripting languages that facilitate the creation and maintenance of websites but only a few managed to stay and offers guide to new publishers.

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