Everything There Is To Learn About High Intensity Interval Training

The greatest realization that one could know as they try to remain fit is that their journey doesn’t necessarily have to be like that of somebody else. This is facilitated by the fact that different bodies have different reactions towards both eating habits and workout styles. Fitness success is therefore brought about by realizing what really works for you as an individual. By trying more and more different work out styles, one is able to understand their body well.

A high intensity interval training (HIIT) is a workout style which is fast-paced and in which a person concentrates on taking a quick break, working hard and giving it your all. High intensity interval training can also be done with low-weight free weight and also with various cardio forms.

Doing around five to ten rounds every time for each set is the key to high intensity interval training. The effectiveness of the workout is brought about by constant repetition. People react to high intensity interval training differently since as some love it in these first day while others need more time for them to adjust. Performing the workout on different grounds will help you increase your liking towards high intensity interval training.

There are various benefits of high intensity interval training. Time is saved when working out. People complain that they have limited time for workout and this is because it is difficult to sacrifice an hour of their time yet they have a lot to do. High intensity interval training can help an individual cut their time for workout into half.

High intensity interval training cardio guarantees this as it is a fast-paced style of workout that keeps one’s blood pumping quickly and that which ensures that the heart rate of a person is working hard throughout the workout. In addition to that, it boosts both one’s metabolism and the rate of their resting heart. When one makes their heart work more when exercising, it becomes stronger when one is resting. HIIT cardio gradually boosts the metabolism rate since it guarantees a higher resting heart rate. More energy to carry out basic day to day activities is brought about by a higher resting heart rate. Digestion of food becomes easier.

The other advantage of HIIT cardio is that it helps in burning fat. In case one is obese or wants a slim body where they don’t have to lose a muscle, this workout comes in handy. It also focuses on cutting one’s fat without putting their strength at risk. It also promotes diverse workouts as one is able to create a challenge routine for all groups of muscles. The freedom to work out anytime and anywhere is another benefit of a HIIT routine. All one require is an open space as one doesn’t necessarily have to hit the gym.

It is only by trying a HIIT workout routine that you can see how amazing and effective it is.