Familiarize Yourself With Demons

You may be wondering who the other demons are, aside from the well-known Lucifer, and what they do since you came in this website, well gear up, you are in for an out of this world experience when you start to read the content in this website.

There are a lot of demons out there, in this website you will get to learn 10 of them.

In this website you will learn that the demon Paimon was conjured by many people in the past to gain knowledge on arts and science and he was nicknamed as “The Great King” by his believers.

In this era, Paimon is a popular model being used in video games, card games and even roleplaying.

In this website you will know that Paimon is able to turn into a woman, camel or spider, during times when people would seek his assistance.

Valac is a winged child riding a two-headed dragon and is far from a nun just like in the movie The Conjuring.

Valac reigned many demons and spirits during battles.

Get acquainted with the demon Pazuzu in this website, and despite his silly sounding name, he is capable of destroying an entire city himself.

Pazuzu is the brother of Humbaba and during his downfall, Pazuzu was so enraged that he destroyed everything that was in his way.

You will familiarize yourself with Azazel and learn that he is a fallen angel like Lucifer.

Azazel was a great leader and has lead legions of demons to victorious battles.

The next time you will see a billy goat you may think of him as Azazel after learning in this website that he often transforms into one.

In this website, you will also get acquainted with Behemoth who is not only mentioned on this website but also many times in The Book of Job.

You will know in this website that Behemoth is a hybrid of animal and man, it is said he has an elephant head, lion tail, and a body like that of a sea monster or ox.

It is said that Behemoth is so powerful that his roars alone cause peacefulness in the world.

Next up in the list of demons in this website is a bit more fantastical, meet the demon Buer and learn in this website that he is a lion with five cloven-hoofed feet which he can use to easily walk in every direction.

In this website, you will know that Buer is a demon who often gives lessons on philosophy, morality, and logic in the olden days.

Also, in this website, you will know that Krampus is a demon who is said to be Hel’s son.

It is said that during every December 5, Krampus would walk around the streets to look for children to toss in his bag and to be thrown in the eternal fires of hell.

The next demon in this website is Purson who’s identity has not been fully discovered, it is said that he is able to tell the past, present, and future events.

Lilith is the only female demon that is mentioned on this website and it is said that she is a powerful temptress.

Ancient writings say that Lilith would lurk at night to steal infants from their homes and would tempt countless men.

The last demon that will be talked about in this website is Lucifer, King of Hell and the most powerful of all.

Lucifer has a ton of names and Satan is the most popular of them.

The demons mentioned in this website are just some of the many demons out there, get to know them more since demonology is not learned by many.